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General information

One of the priority areas of INPROMA GROUP activity is development of commercial real estate objects. Creation of successful retail and office real estate is among our business interests.

Professional experience of our employees makes it possible to perform a wide range of operations for creation of finished real estate items:

  • Concept development of real estate item;

  • Necessary fund raising;

  • Organization and control of construction;

  • Providing floor spaces for rent;

  • Management and exploitation of real estate items.

We turn into reality the projects that make people's lives better

Current projects of INPROMA GROUP

Today the Development Direction of Inproma Group implements the following projects:

Our employees is our most valuable resoursce

We are notable for flexibility, rapid responding to change, new trends and influences in the sphere of creation and management of real estate. In our work we use modern approaches and technologies in the field of design and construction. We try to take into account the wishes of customers to the uttermost and focus on mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and partners.

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